Our Mission & Philosophy


North Carolina Recovery Support Services is committed to community wellness through fostering public awareness of substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment and related societal issues.

We at North Carolina Recovery Support Services believe that alcoholism, drug abuse and other substance addictions are symptoms of an active disease. These lifestyles are both debilitating and progressive, affecting not only individual, but also family members, friends and communities as well, if untreated; the quality of life continues to deteriorate.

We believe in the value of family, peer and community support. Our programs are designed to assist the individuals and their families seeking treatment to use the application of tools and interventions needed to establish and maintain a healthy and self-sufficient lifestyle.

We view complete abstinence as the ultimate solution for addicted individuals. To accomplish this, our programs promote self-acceptance and esteem coupled with the guidance of an experienced and caring staff. We strongly encourage family members and supportive community resources to engage in the treatment process as essential components to continuous recovery.