Living Well House


Program Levels:

Level 1- for residents with weight loss goals of 50 pounds or less.

Level 2 – for residents with weight loss goal of 50-100 pounds

Level 3 – for residents with weight loss goal of 100 or more pounds

Program Highlights:

Personalized Weight Management Plans

Daily structured Activities

Healthy Cooking

Nutritional Fasting Days

Self Esteem Projects

Health Monitoring and Screening for Weight Loss

Serious, Challenging, Fun, Clinical and Spiritual Program

Staff Includes:

Certified Fitness Trainers

Licensed and Certified Counselors

Certified Nutritionist

15 Reasons to Choose Raleigh’s Living well Home

Raleigh’s Living Well House method for helping residents lose weight is by uncovering the emotional roots of their eating problems through spiritual 12-Step work in conjunction with a personalized mild to intense daily exercise agenda and a safe restricted diet plan.

Raleigh’s Living Well House nutrition and exercise programs will provide daily instruction on how to prepare healthy, tasty simple meals.  Our exercise plans are developed specifically for the individual with the support of other residents and staff.

Raleigh’s Living Well House focuses on lifestyle changes that residents can take home with them upon completing the residential program.

Raleigh’s Living Well House connects all residents to resources that will promote home weight loss even after their residential loss programs ends.

Raleigh’s Living Well House is beautifully furnished and located in a peaceful environment.

Raleigh’s Living Well House program provides nutrition education, behavior modification group sessions, daily exercise that are in-house and at a local supportive health fitness club.

Raleigh’s Living Well House trainers are certified as well as experienced in working with obese and overweight individuals.

Raleigh’s Living Well House counselors and therapist are licensed and/or certified.

Raleigh’s Living Well House Promotes medical screening for monitoring hypertension, diabetic and other weight related physical conditions that might require medication adjustments with weight loss.

Raleigh’s Living Well House exercise activities are unique and fun to include “Dance Boxing, Soulercise, Rockercise, Zumba and Yoga and are just a few exercise groups offered to residents.

Raleigh’s Living Well House healthy food shopping days, massages, makeovers and healthy cooking classes are just a few of the structured activities offered during the program stay.

Raleigh’s Living Well House Obesity and Family Dynamics will include weekly family education sessions for the added family support needed for maintaining weight loss once returning home.

Raleigh’s Living Well House team is aware of obesity crisis in America and genuinely wants to be a part of the Real Solutions!

Raleigh’s Living Well House is affordable.

Raleigh’s Living Well House residents LOSE WEIGHT and KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF.