Admission Proccess

The admission process begins with screening the consumer either by phone, walk-in or scheduling an appointment.

Screening is process by which the client is determined appropriate and eligible for admission to a particular program i.e. SACOT, SAIOP, Intensive In-Home, Community Support Team, OPBH as well as housing.

Global Criteria
1. Evaluate psychological, social, and physiological signs and symptoms of alcohol and other drug use and abuse.
2. Determine the client’s appropriateness for admission or referral.
3. Determine the client’s eligibility for admission or referral.
4. Identify any coexisting conditions (medical, psychiatric, physical, etc.) that indicate need for further evaluations.

To schedule for substance abuse assessment please call or email: 919-431-9874 or 919-320-4981 or

To schedule for mental health treatment please call: 919-559-8690 or