Michelle Wareham, B.S., CSAC-R – Qualified Professional for Addiction Treatment


Michelle Wareham is a graduate from Elmira College University in N.Y. and currently earning a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling at Cappella.  She has always had a desire to help people, and her own life struggles with addiction empowered her to learn about the disease of addiction and teach those suffering, that they too can recover.  She is currently earning a masters to obtain her LCAS to spread hope, knowledge, strength and love to those who feel hopeless, helpless, and unlovable.  She is currently a Qualified Professional at NCRSS, registered with North Carolina Professional Substance Abuse Board, and credentialed to sit for Certified Substance Abuse Counselor state exam.  Michelle believes NCRSS is one place, other than church, that your past will not be held against you.