Parenting Class

11:00 am

Every Thursday from

August 1, 2013

Parenting Class

Program Description:

The Real Life Parenting Skills Program provides practical guidance on issues and ways recovering mothers can develop realistic action plans with their children.

The Real Life Parenting Skills Program is divided into three multi-format programs:

Building Trust

Handling Anger

Setting Rules

Course Objective:

The Family and Parenting Dynamics is a group education program designed to provide the essential information for building strong personal prevention for reducing the risk of behavioral patterns that are often seen in families with substance abuse, grief and mental health challenges

The participant will demonstrate ability to:

Define their own family strengths and needs.

Define their role as a parent.

Explore community and environmental impact of parenting.

Recognize effective nurturing routines.

Understand behavioral patterns and progression process of drug abuse and dependency.

Understand normal human growth and development.

Recognize anger and depression in families

Recognize the 12 patterns of family challenges with substance abuse/mental health and grief.

Identify the steps towards the healing process.

Procedures for Achieving Objectives:

Come to class on time each week.

Read and discuss all material.

Review and discuss each topic

Complete weekly assignments.

Discuss ways group topic was applied in “real life” situations.