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Clara Bell Downing’s Children Foundation &  The Pan American Vision Center presents an conversation with Dr. Johnny Lee Downing, Jr. and Eric Mokua Arita in Nairobi, Kenya


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Clara Bell Downing’s Education Foundation For All Children and Families Around The World.

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St Mary’s is a mixed day primary school that was begun in 2000 by Consolata missionaries in Karaba-Wango parish in Embu diocese. The missionaries later handed the school to the Diocese of Embu. Over the years, the school has received support from AVI in Italy but sponsorship ended in 2011.

This year, 2014 Clara Bell Downing’s Education Foundation For All Children and Families Around The World began funding the full scholarship education for 9 students from Embu Community. If you would like to know more about Johnny Downing’s  upcoming November 6, 2014,  trip to visit the Embu Children, please contact the Planning and Organizing Committee at: 919-320-4981.

St Mary’s primary is located in Embu county, Mbeere south district. It is 5 minutes walk from the nearest town center- Makutano. Currently, the school has a population of 220 students drawn from 3 neighboring counties- Embu, Kirinyaga and Muran’ga.

We all had such an amazing time at this event. Check it out!


  • The Men’s Redemption Project teaches men how to reconstruct their lives , relationships by developing alternatives to drug use, violence and abandonment issues
  • The Men’s Redemption Project teaches men alternatives to bring healing to families, friends and community
  • The Men’s Redemption Project promotes self-forgiveness through an active and spiritual process
  • The Men’s Redemption Project teaches men how to take responsibility for their own actions even when angry and regardless of the past
  • The Men’s Redemption Project teaches men the key steps towards self –forgiveness and having a healthy, violence-free, adult male life 

Delarn Nunn Weighed 667 Pounds!

Mr. Delarn Nunn lost over 300 pounds at NorthCarolina Recovery Support Services Living Well House. Watch this remarkable video testimonial.

NCRSS Receives Top Marks for 2013 Audit

North Carolina Recovery Support Services has received some of it best marks in the State of North Carolina for it’s 2013 Audit.

Critical Access Behavioral Health Agency (CABHA). The CABHA is designed to ensure that critical services are delivered by a clinically competent organization with appropriate medical oversight and the ability to deliver a continuum of services.

CABHA Certified agencies:

1. Ensure that critical services are delivered by a clinically competent organization with appropriate medical oversight and the ability to deliver a robust array of services.
2. Move the public system over time to a more coherent service delivery model that reduces clinical fragmentation at the local level and begins to prepare the provider community for the changes that will be required in a waiver environment.
3. Ensure that consumer care is based upon a comprehensive clinical assessment and an appropriate array of services for the population to be served.
4. CABHA agencies must have a minimum of three directors: A licensed and experienced Clinical Director, an experienced Quality Assurance Director and a Medical Doctor serving as a Medical Director

CARF Accredited:
CARF, for Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities