Gerry Diamond – Office Manager


Jerry Diamond graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the St. Peter’s College in Jersey City, NJ.  After witnessing the effects of poverty and conflict in her native country of Belize, she committed herself to improving the human conditions in her current community.

Jerry Diamond is a nonprofit advocate who is committed to building the capacity of North Carolina Recovery Housing, Training and Transportation. She works to strengthen NCRHTT by developing strategies, and other learning opportunities that improve the company.  Jerry brings a diverse range of approaches to the work of NCRHTT, drawing on the latest management research, organizational theory, and nonprofit educational models.

Throughout her 20-year career devoted to helping nonprofits improve their marketing, she has helped several organizations launch new branding programs, gain visibility, increase membership, promote fundraising events and increase donations.  She is passionate about developing lasting relationships, producing great work and doing good in the world.